A story driven first person shooter with cat companions.

You play as Jack, a good-hearted introvert, who after years of struggling with his crippling social anxieties, has escaped his lonely life on Earth for the isolated void of space. Despite your new surroundings, you find yourself reflecting on the unrequited love you left behind and begin to long for companionship. Luckily, your wishes are answered by the appearance of an adorable alien cat named Sushi!



#1 Love & companionship

A heartfelt story of a troubled astromanager, adrift on his space warehouse and battling his social anxiety, changed his fate after meeting an alien cat.

#2 Space Kitties

Even amongst the stars, cats are a welcome source of comfort to those in need. This furry ball accompanies you as you embark on a challenging journey across a colorful foreign planet.

#3 Wacky Weapons

Combat colorful creatures with a milk gun, a frying pan, a baguette, and a wide range of kitten grenades!







“We tested virtual-reality cat tossing at New York Comic-Con” – Chris Serico (Circa)

Mokuni LLC is an indie game company based in New York powered by a group of designers and software engineers creating game experiences with rich characters, compelling stories, and simple and fun mechanics for gamers of all age