Launch Your Kitty Like a Cat-a-pult!

Mokuni Games is proud to launch the much beloved Kitty in the Box sequel.

Download on the following platforms:

*Free Stickers Included for iOS10+ Downloads

Join Sushi in this Kitty in the Box sequel as they dive into the world of Boxing

— no, not the one with punching and gloves.

We’re talking about that thing that cats do where they pounce into boxes… What’s up with that? Who determines if they fits they sits? Seriously, why do they do that?

The goal here is simple: get the kitty into the golden box. Miss a box and back to the beginning you go. Get ready for some butt wiggles, slippery catwalks, and watch out for the mischievous birds!


Launching kitties into boxes!
Challenging achievements!
Elaborately designed themes!
Handcrafted levels that require you to think outside the box (hah, get it?)
Evil birds in the way!
And cute customizable characters and costumes!


Included with the iOS10+ Download!:

iMessage Stickers!

Download now!

*These Stickers are FREE with the Kitty In The Box 2 Download. For the premium Animated Kitty In The Box stickers ($0.99), go to the KIB Shopping page. 

For more information please check:

Press kit


Kurt Young

Creative Director

Fox Chen

Lead Programmer

Chihtang Chang

Game Designer

Mengyi Xu


Sebastian Gat


Lhong Lhi

Art Designer

Mengchen "Dandan" Zhao

Art Designer

Wengu "Eddy" Hu

Technical Artist

Jay Suong


Porrith Suong


Yiju Chiang

Project Manager

Chiang Yao

3D Artist

Kenny Ganiswarna

Story Artist

Huan Tan

Business Manager

Sam Warfield

Music & Sound Designer